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Pal Craftaid can help you set up your church’s Alternative Christmas market, women’s groups sales, or other events. Consignment orders are available year around.

Invite friends and neighbors to your home for a coffee, wine and cheese, or potluck meal and share the ministry!

Donate! Pal Craftaid ministries are worthy of your support

  1. Support Atfaluna children and families:
    • Hearing aid – $400.00
    • School lunch program per day for 300 students – $200.00
    • Batteries $10.00
    • Hygiene kit $25.00
    • School shoes  $20.00
  2. Contribute to Rawdat El Zuhur fines arts curriculum:
    • For one semester $500.00
  3. Aid to the aging:
    • Three hot meals per week for a month for an elderly person $72.00
  4. YWCA
    • Plant an olive tree $20.00
    • Scholarship for young woman $500.00

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