Why Pal Craftaid?

Liz Knott
Rev. Liz Knott, Pal Craftaid founder

In the fall of 1993, I learned of the increased hardships for Palestinians. I thought a short term venture of importing Palestinian sculpted olive wood could assist some families in surviving economically and gain hope. What was conceived as a short term, stop-gap effort has extended to the current time. Needless to say, the Palestinian daily life and circumstances have become tragically awful and isolating with fewer resources to meet daily needs to keep body and soul together. Malnutrition and depression are major problems for the present and future. The psychological experience of feeling abandoned by the Christian community and world neighborhood is probably the greatest barrier and deficit to be overcome and absorbed by the Palestinian people as they struggle to remain healthy and alive.

All of my trips to Israel/Palestine have had the primary purpose of being a visible presence of care and solidarity with the Palestinian community in their struggles. I have been able to bring laughter and hugs which they have appreciated so very much. What a privilege for me!

In 2008 the structure of Pal Craftaid has had some excellent alterations. I am growing older (I’m now in my 80’s) and now acknowledge the need for more structure if Pal Craftaid is to continue its ministry. Pal Craftaid is now incorporated in the state of Iowa, becoming Pal Craftaid, Inc. and we have achieved 501(c)(3) status. We have a fantastic Board of Directors, with officers. We have five regional representatives who can be contacted to obtain olive wood and needlework. Our ministry remains to same: To bring compassion, hope and healing for all Palestinians.

Rev. Elizabeth Knott
Founder, Pal Craftaid